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Hey, We are MyEastLondon

A website to help you uncover the best of East London in South Africa.


Why MyEastLondon
So, you’re a resident in East London, South Africa (or just visiting).

But you’re not experiencing the best of East London as you thought you would.

On a daily basis, you struggle with one thing:

Finding the best service providers and the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit in East London.

Whether it be a

  • – Doctor to take care of your family needs.
  • – Salon to help you look after your hair and your wife’s/ girlfriend’s hair.
  • – Service providers to help you accomplish your home projects (Plumbers, DSTV Installers, lawnmowers, e.t.c)
  • – Car wash that offers car detailing services
  • – Dentist for your yearly checkup.
  • – Nightclub to chill-out
  • – Restaurants that will melt your sweetheart.

You still face the same struggle. Day in, day out.

And you’re not just looking for any, but the best. (Who doesn’t want the best, anyway?)

You’ve also spent hours searching online, but you only ended up with a meaningless list that gives you no direction

So who else are you going to ask? Your neighbour? A cousin who used to live in East London? Or your boss?

Quite a frustrating situation, right?

That’s why we built MyEastLondon.co.za

So, What is MyEastLondon?

MyEastLondon.co.za is a crowd-sourced local business review and user recommendation website.
Our goal is to help you uncover great local businesses in and around East London, South Africa.

The site is focused on connecting people with businesses in and around East London, in the Eastern Cape Province – South Africa. The primary community users are the residents (and visitors) of East London.

Businesses listed on MyEastLondon can update their contact information, opening hours and add a gallery showcasing their products. There is also a section where they can add a company video and frequently asked questions.

On the other hand:

Locals and tourists can explore the best of East London city by using MyEastLondon as their search engine. Thanks to MyEastLondon.co.za, you can now have access to gems like top restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment spots, nightlife areas, business services and a lot more in the region.

In seconds, you can make an informed decision and filter the best by reviewing the ratings and reviews of small business profiles from the search result available at MyEastLondon.

We also pay attention to promoting and empowering both the people and the businesses in East London.

Besides writing reviews, you can react to reviews.

MyEastLondon is also a reasonable source to listen to and interact with locals and tourists who have visited this part of South Africa, getting to hear from their own experiences and suggestions.

MyEastLondon is a welcome addition as the platform helps out in bringing up the local South African culture and businesses by being a much needed crowd-sourced local business review and user recommendation website.


The Origins of MyEastLondon.

A note from Bandela, Our Founder


You might wonder, why did we bother building MyEastLondon?

The answer is simple: It was a problem I encountered again and again since I moved to East London (South Africa) in 2015.

I love East London. It is such a beautiful and vibrant city. But since moving here, I have had a problem of finding the best service providers to help me with my little home projects.

For example:

One time, I had asked one gentleman to help me combine my garage door with gate motor and make them work with one remote. I got his contact details from a weekly neighbourhood flyer. He came and did his magic. A week later, the remote gave me problems. Until today, it hasn’t been sorted.

I also went through the same hardship even when I was looking for the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit. I used Google, but it didn’t help. In most cases, my friends and colleagues were the ones who would give me a better recommendation.

So, two years later (in 2017), I decided: If I am planning to stay in East London for some time, I might as well create a solution to this problem.

So that’s when I started MyEastLondon.

Bandela B. Mgoqi
Bandela B. Mgoqi, Founder of MyEastLondon.co.za

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